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Dust Bowl Distillery

Dust Bowl Brewing Co. Expands with New Distillery

Dust Bowl Brewing Co., based in Turlock, California, has launched Dust Bowl Distillery, adding a new dimension to its craft beverage offerings. This expansion marks a significant step in the company’s evolution, as it delves into the world of craft spirits.

The new distillery is situated within Dust Bowl’s existing brewing facility. Brett and Karen Tate, alongside Brett and Camy Honore, who co-own the brewery, aim to enhance their product range and taproom experience.

Brewmaster Don Oliver, who has been with Dust Bowl since its inception in 2009 and holds a certification from the UC Davis Master Brewing Program, will lead the distillery. Oliver’s expertise is set to drive the production of high-quality spirits, with a focus on innovation and variety.

Reflecting its historical ties to the Prohibition era, Dust Bowl Distillery will debut with Moonshine, available starting June 6th. This classic spirit will be featured in a range of slushies at the Turlock Beer Garden. Initial offerings include the “Cola Shine” (a blend of Pepsi and Moonshine at 7% ABV) and the “Dirty Shirley” (a mix of grenadine, Starry, and Moonshine at 5% ABV). These beverages, served with unique garnishes, are designed to appeal to new and existing customers seeking a refreshing summer treat.

Dust Bowl Moonshine

In addition to slushies, the distillery will sell limited quantities of its Original Moonshine in 750ml bottles at the Turlock Taproom. Later this summer, Dust Bowl plans to introduce a craft cocktail menu that will highlight fresh ingredients paired with their Moonshine.

The distillery, visible through the taproom’s large windows, boasts a 140-liter Carl still with added features for producing a variety of spirits. The branding for Dust Bowl Distillery integrates familiar elements from the brewery, such as the twister and rabbit icons, with an Art Deco style reminiscent of the 1930s.