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8th Wonder Brewery

8th Wonder Brewery Unveils New Look and Expansion Plans

8th Wonder Brewery, a Houston brewery since 2013, is has announced expansion plans. The brewery, which recently came under the ownership of Bayou City Hemp, is undergoing a brand makeover to support its expansion into new markets across Texas and the emerging non-alcoholic beer and ready-to-drink spirits categories.

Ben Meggs, the CEO of 8th Wonder and Bayou City Hemp Co., expressed the significance of this development, stating, “Industry partners will see a refreshed aesthetic signifying the evolution of the brand while preserving the iconic spirit of 8th Wonder that Texans know and love.”

At the heart of this transformation is a complete redesign of 8th Wonder’s can labels. The brewery’s iconic core four beers, Dome Foam, Cougar Paw, TEX, and IP8, will now feature eye-catching labels that pay homage to Texas roots and history. Nathan Woeber, 8th Wonder’s Creative Director, elaborated on the change, saying, “The new designs are fun, sophisticated, and visually striking, reflecting our forward-thinking mindset while staying true to our heritage.”

8th Wonder’s expansion plans go beyond just the can redesigns. The brewery is set to offer an array of low-dose, hemp-derived THC beverages on tap and in cans, with non-alcoholic options ranging from 2mg to 10mg of THC per serving, featuring flavors like Ranch Water, Paloma, and Cherry Limeade. Facility upgrades will enhance the overall experience for beer, spirits, and cannabis enthusiasts, providing welcoming spaces for all.

They will host their “10 YEAR CELEBR8ION” on Nov. 18, featuring six bands, the 713 Night Market with over 20 vendors, and a wide variety of beer and THC seltzers.