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Black Hammer Brewing

Black Hammer Launches StartEngine Reg CF

You can now buy equity in San Francisco’s Black Hammer Brewing. The gluten-removed brewery is inviting individuals to become stakeholders in their continued growth and success on StartEngine.

The brewery was established in 2015 and has two locations and wholesale operations. They’ve won gold medals in the California Craft Brewers Cup, US Open, Best of Craft Beer Awards, and Brewer’s cup of California.

StartEngine offers “regulation crowdfunding,” allowing Black Hammer to offer and sell securities through crowdfunding. The brewery plans to use the money raised to expand their operations.

Step into the vibrant world of Black Hammer Brewing, where every sip unveils a flavorful future. Join the ranks of an all-embracing, trend-setting brand that aims to redefine the craft beer experience. More than a brewery, we’re a lifestyle and community, transforming the industry by tapping into consumer trends and riding the waves of market shifts. Sporting remarkable ratings and top city accolades, we are carving a distinct path in the craft beer landscape. From our humble beginnings, we’ve grown into a thriving wholesale operation, ready to embark on an innovative expansion chapter — with your help.