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Full Frame Beer

Denver Brewers Team up to Launch Full Frame Beer

Alyssa Hoberer and Jacob Kemple have taken the first step in their journey to create their own brewery, Full Frame Beer. Alyssa is the award-winning head brewer for Jagged Mountain Brewing and creator of “Southern Beer Girl” with 34k+ followers on social media. Jacob is lead brewer for Our Mutual Friend Brewing, and a 5-time GABF medal winner. They’re getting things started with a Wefunder fundraising campaign.

Alyssa and Jacob plan to create a brewery, brewpub, and in-house restaurant in the former Alpine Dog Brewery location in the City Park West neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. In addition to their beers they will serve gluten-free options such as wine and cider on tap with a variety of pre-batched and handmade cocktails as well as hop water, mocktails, and other non alcoholic options.

They plan to have a focus on collaboration at Full Frame. In addition to their own beer recipes they want to collaborate with other breweries. They plan to extend this even further by creating collaboration cocktails with distilleries and food collaborations between chefs.

The Wefunder campaign breaks down the funding needed for this project and investor perks including discounts, special events, and dividends. The initial fundraising goal is $50,000 with an ultimate goal of raising at least $400,000.