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Dust Bowl Lager

Dust Bowl Introduces New Lager

Dust Bowl Brewing Company is introducing its latest year-round addition to their portfolio – Dust Bowl Lager. Dust Bowl Lager looks to captures the essence of a traditional lager while upholding the brewery’s commitment to quality and flavor. The beer’s outstanding balance and clean finish make it an ideal choice for those seeking a classic, easy-drinking option. With a moderate 4.5% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) and a mild bitterness level of only 12 International Bitterness Units (IBUs), Dust Bowl Lager offers an approachable profile.

Don Oliver, the long-time Brewmaster, explains, “With Dust Bowl Lager, we aimed to create a lager that stands out in color and flavor from our other brands. It boasts a subtle sweetness and crisp finish, making it an all-occasions beer that complements any setting or season. As the can says, it’s reliable.”

Bret Tate, Founder of Dust Bowl Brewing Company, expresses, “Dust Bowl Lager is a testament to our commitment to brewing excellence and providing a diverse range of options for our customers. We believe this traditional lager will resonate with those who appreciate the simplicity and timelessness of a well-crafted beer.”

The can design pays homage to the classic American spirit, evoking a timeless retro vibe that reflects the heart of craft beer tradition. The Dust Bowl Lager can features an eye-catching matte gold finish, nodding to the golden age of brewing, along with classic red, white, and blue text and graphics. This thoughtful design encapsulates the essence of Dust Bowl Brewing Company’s dedication to brewing tradition and quality.

Dust Bowl Lager comes in 12oz / 6 pack cans and draft. Beer fans can find it at any Dust Bowl Brewing Company California taproom, with locations in Turlock, Elk Grove, Monterey, and Livermore.