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Original Grain Adds Three New Styles to Barrel Wood Collection

Original Grain (affiliate link), known for its distinctive blend of craftsmanship and sustainability, has recently expanded its Barrel Wood Collection with the introduction of three new watch styles: the “Brewmaster Barley 46MM,” “Brewmaster Black 42MM,” and “Brewmaster Black 45MM.”

The “Brewmaster Barley 46MM” features a wooden bezel inspired by barley, in line with Original Grain’s commitment to utilizing reclaimed materials.

For those with a preference for a sleek and timeless design, the “Brewmaster Black 42MM” offers a more understated option. With a smaller profile, this watch maintains a classic aesthetic without compromising on functionality. The black color scheme adds a touch of sophistication. The “Brewmaster Black 45MM” combines a bold size with a sleek black design, appealing to those seeking a modern look while still embracing the warmth and character of wood.

Original Grain’s Barrel Wood Collection stands out not only for its unique designs but also for its commitment to sustainability. Each watch in the collection is crafted from reclaimed wood, contributing to the brand’s dedication to responsible practices.