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Surreal Kush

Roadhouse X Mother Earth

Roadhouse Brewing Co. has announced the release of Surreal Kush, a new IPA in collaboration with Mother Earth Brewing Company. Surreal Kush is the fifth installment in Roadhouse’s Kush series, which focuses on innovative and experimental hops in partnership with notable breweries across the country.

Gavin Fine, co-founder of Roadhouse Brewing Co., expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Mother Earth Brewing on Surreal Kush,” he said. “They share our passion for innovation and experimentation and have grown a reputation for their impressive variety of hop-centric beers. It’s always a delight for us to dig into regional beer culture, having charted our own course here in Jackson. Mother Earth’s presence in both the San Diego and Boise areas is doing exactly that.”

Roadhouse Brewmaster Max Shafer described Surreal Kush as a “New Zealand Hops Fruit Basket,” highlighting the beer’s blend of four New Zealand hops that deliver a burst of fruity flavors and aromas. The beer features Nelson and Riwaka hops, known for their gooseberry and tropical fruit notes, as well as Riwaka Cryo hops, which enhance its fruity character.

The brew also introduces Wakatu, a hop variety new to both breweries. Originating from Germany, Wakatu offers a smooth bitterness and unique tropical notes that complement the other hops. Additionally, the IPA includes NZH-104, an experimental hop from NZ Hops LTD, which provides intense passionfruit and guava aromas and a mineral character reminiscent of Southern Hemisphere Sauvignon Blancs. This hop is a favorite of Shafer’s for its expression of the “South Island terroir” characteristic of New Zealand-grown hops.

The final product is a floral and fruity IPA with intense aromas of gooseberry, passion fruit, papaya, and ripe mandarin orange. Pilsner malt from Montana Craft Malt serves as the foundation, allowing the complex hop flavors to shine.

“We’re so excited to release Surreal Kush as it showcases some truly incredible New Zealand hops,” said Shafer. “We used four varieties, both new and old, in this sensational IPA. Each hop brings its own unique character to the beer, and the final product is a beautiful exploration of New Zealand hop varieties.”

Surreal Kush will be available on draft and in 16oz cans throughout the distribution territories of both Roadhouse and Mother Earth Brewing.