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Troegs Little Nator Spring Lager

Tröegs Announces Little ‘Nator Springtime Lager

Tröegs Independent Brewing has unveiled its latest addition to the seasonal lineup, introducing the Little ‘Nator as the brewery’s featured spring release. This newcomer joins the ranks of Field Study, Hopora, and Blizzard of Hops in Tröegs’ rotating seasonal beer series.

Little ‘Nator boasts a light bronze hue, a result of the careful combination of pilsner and caramel malts. This combination imparts distinct notes of crusty bread, offering a unique and lighter perspective on the well-loved Troegenator Double Bock, an icon from the Hershey, Pennsylvania-based brewery.

The use of El Dorado, Hersbrucker, and Tradition hops infuses Little ‘Nator with subtle hints of stone fruit and delicate floral notes. The lager yeast ties everything together, introducing a touch of fruity esters and culminating in a sweet yet crisp finish.

Described by Tröegs brewmaster and co-founder John Trogner as the “rascally cousin of Troegenator,” Little ‘Nator is positioned as the ideal choice for lager enthusiasts looking to embrace the changing seasons.

Troegs Little Nator Spring Lager

With an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 5.5%, Little ‘Nator is now available in both draft and 12-oz. bottles and cans across Tröegs’ extensive distribution network.

The release of Little ‘Nator aligns with Tröegs’ Perpetual Exploration seasonal variety pack for spring. This 12-pack treat includes three cans each of Perpetual IPA, Sunshine Pilsner, Little ‘Nator, and LolliHop Double IPA, offering a diverse and flavorful sampling experience for craft beer enthusiasts.