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Double Nugget Nectar

Tröegs Unveils Double Nugget Nectar

Tröegs Independent Brewing has recently announced the release of Double Nugget Nectar, a unique iteration of its well-known annual Imperial Amber Ale, Nugget Nectar.

Described as a Double Imperial Amber Ale, Double Nugget is crafted around the Simcoe hops found in Nugget Nectar. The result is a flavor profile boasting bold notes of apricot, peach rings, and bright citrus. Additional complexity is introduced through Azacca hops, offering hints of juicy orchard fruit, while Columbus and Nugget hops contribute a layer of dank pine.

Double Nugget originated during one of Tröegs’ Scratch meetings, where ideas for new beers are pitched. John Trogner, Tröegs brewmaster and co-founding brother, recalls the moment, stating, “Someone said, ‘Let’s take Nugget and double it.’”

To harmonize the assertive hop bill, the beer’s recipe incorporates Munich, Pilsner, and Vienna malts, providing a bready sweetness and imparting a deep amber-orange color. The inclusion of flaked oats contributes a silky texture and smooth mouthfeel.

Trogner reflects on the brewing process, noting, “Bringing this beer to life proved to be a fun balancing act.”

Weighing in at 9.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), Double Nugget Nectar is a limited release and is currently available in 16-oz. cans at Tröegs Brewery and across its distribution footprint. Double Nugget Nectar is also on draft at various First Squeeze events taking place in markets where Tröegs beer is available.

For further details on Double Nugget Nectar, interested individuals can visit the Tröegs blog.